Top 10 Causes Of Senior Citizen Deaths

Senior citizens are fragile individuals who require a lot of care and help to live healthy lives. In no particular order, these are the top ten causes of senior citizen deaths.

10. Natural causes – Dying of natural causes increases as people get older.
9. Driving – Poor vision and slow reflexes can lead to car accidents and possibly death.
8. Falls – Senior citizens are fragile individuals and have a hard time recovering from falls.
7. Diabetes – If not treated properly with medication and a good diet, it can cause death in many individuals.Confused? Here ‘s a little help .
6. Alzheimer’s Disease – While a hard disease to death with mentally, it is actually very fatal.
5. Stroke – Blood clots and bleeding from a blood vessel are causes of strokes; they can occur in anybody, but senior citizens are more vulnerable.
4. Respiratory Diseases – Long term smoking can contribute to this.
3. Cancer – There is no cure for cancer, and senior citizens’ bodies have a hard time fighting this disease.
2. Heart Disease – Heart attacks and other heart issues, like artery blockage, increase as people age.
1. Influenza and Pneumonia – The immune system weakens as people get older.

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